I Need a Ritual!

I Need a Ritual!

Does every need for change feel like it comes from a cluster f**k?

Recently I was taking inventory of how I start and end my day and it was everything but poetic. Mornings were sleepy and frazzled with a lack of organization- ugh what a horrible way to set-up your day.

Night time wasn’t much better.  It was basically watch Netflix until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So, I decided I needed a change and to take back the beginnings and endings to my days because there is so much value and treasure in those moments.

I did a revamp and so far it makes me so much more grounded in my day and soothed at night. Almost like I’ve got something figured out, lol.


  • I started waking up earlier 6-6:15 AM. I am the WORST morning person. I’m not chatty and I really like to be alone, such a treat for my fiance! But when I wake up earlier I have a relaxed amount of time to get what I want and need done with no anxiety.
  • I get a huge glass of room temperature water (better for digestion) and mix in my Glow powder from The Beauty Chef (it’s my fave!) with a pinch of salt which you body likes and needs, it’s a good mineral. If I have a lemon already cut I’ll add a squeeze, but I’m not trying to exude too much effort; I just woke up! I use to start with coffee as the first thing I drank in the morning, but I clued in. Our bodies have fasted without food and water for 8 hours while we were sleeping. So I  start with water to hydrate and to rev up digestion. Coffee is probably the worst because it’s so dehydrating.
  • I get back in bed and meditate. I know it’s not proper meditation form, but I like to make things my own, laying down feels good, so I get comfy. I love meditating in the morning. I use the app Insight Timer and there are tens of thousands of options and you can break is out by category or amount of time. It rocks!
  • I listen to a podcast while I get ready and get motivated or laugh. There are so many that I love so this is a perfect time to squeeze in listening and I can get to all my faves.
  • I head downstairs and make sure I’ve packed up my supplements I want for the day and grab breakfast and of course coffee on the road. I live for cold brew and very specifically Chameleon Cold Brew. It’s bad; if I run out I’m definitely making a special stop to Whole Foods for it or my morning just feels off.


  • We like to be in bed pretty early. It’s normal we’re in bed by 9:30. Which I enjoy now so that I have enough time to unwind.
  • CBD oil! I didn’t know how much I would love my CBD oil. I thought okay there is no way an oil can destress you like that! But it does, woohoo! I put a few drops under my tongue at night and it’s quite nice. I got mine in San Francisco, it does have an 18:1 THC. So, try to get yourself to California.
  • Palo Santo spray! I just started using this more at night; before I was cleansing more during the day. It’s an energy clearing mist. I like it because no matter what happened throughout my day I can go to sleep and start over again cleansed and fresh.
  • I got an essential oil diffuser for my night stand and I love it. I use lavender and its dreamy.
  • I meditate again. I really like using headphones so I can more so take myself out of my body. I like hearing what my higher self or my angels really want me to know. 🙂
  • Reading. This really helps me shift off. I am a book hoe. I have to have them all! Then I feel guilty when they don’t get to read fast enough, so this is my favorite time to read.
  • If I had a day, a day! You know what I’m talking about. I watch either Friends, The Office, or Parks and Rec. Always just those three, humor only. And I let myself watch two episodes and I’m done. I keep it light and these kinds of days its all I need.
  • Some nights I turn on ocean wave sounds on Insight Timer and help myself drift off to sleep.

Things I want to add:

  • Journaling- right now I journal at random times and I feel like it should be more concrete.
  • Rolling out- As a big Goop follower I am here for the rolling workouts. I read if you add 10 minutes a day you can roll away fat and bloat.

I am dying to know what your rituals are. I need them all! I love a good ritual.

xx, Kalain

New Goop Dallas Guide x DWD

New Goop Dallas Guide x DWD

I love Goop so much. I would more times than not follow everything they say to do #groupie. I’m sounding a little scientology-ish. But, In Gwyneth We Trust, right?

Okay as much as I love Goop, I have a few edits to their new Dallas guide. I know they’ll halt the press after reading this, but there’s a couple gems I’m going to help them with. Goop, you can call me any time!

Here are my notes (wellness stuff only- I didn’t cover Shop or Stay)!

Activities and Culture:

Well I’m not a big activities chick so this list looks nice and I learned about a few places I didn’t know about. DWD adds:

White Rock Lake- there’s a lot of nature (for Dallas standards). I’ve paddle boarded on the lake; you could picnic; the Arboretum has fun concerts.

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve Trail- I haven’t done this trail yet, but it’s on my list of outdoorsy things to do (gotta get that Vitamin D).


I definitely have some add ons! But, to be fair there’s a lot of restaurants to cover.

Highlights: Grange Hall, Gemma, Le Bilboquet, Orgin, Sachet, Shinsei

DWD add ons:

  • Neighborhood Sevices
  • Tei Tei
  • Masero
  • Jose
  • R&D/Hillstone/Honor Bar (I know this is not exclusive to Dallas, but it’s really good)
  • Montlake Cut
  • T Room
  • Mirador
  • Tribal- I almost don’t want to share the secret that is Tribal; it’s so good and refreshing to have in Dallas.


I didn’t really dig the drink list, but I’m also not hanging out in them like I once was (kids will change you!). DWD add ons: Javiers (good patio), The Mansion (good ambiance and live music), Lounge 31, Monkey Bar. I mostly go for places where I can hear and quality. This is probably a lot like a list my parents would make, but what are you going to do? If I’m going to be out with the potential for a little headache the next day I need to hear, I need to laugh, I need good conversation, and a good something in my glass. The true fundamentals of life lol.


Okay I have some good ones to add:

  • Brewed and Pressed- amazing wellness coffees, tonics, eats, and their own line of wellness powders and products, think He Shou Wu and Ashwagandha
  • The Greenway Shop- non-toxic beauty and wellness shop on Lovers, adorable
  • Bar and Garden- not your traditional spirit + wine store, everything they carry is free of artificial color, flavor and or preservative
  • Roots Pressed Juices- just all things healthy living
  • Juice Land- amazing smoothies with top add-ins
  • Burgundy’s Local- 100% grass-fed beef store
  • Ascension Coffee- I flock for their avocado toast

Beauty & Wellness:

This was good! I love PilatesBarre, I’m glad that was on there, I think it’s my new favorite Pilates studio. Here’s a few more:

  • Class Studios- spin and training classes. This space is beautiful and I love the owner, Jasmine. I highly recommend taking her classes. She was the instructor of the very first spin class I took!
  • Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary- heavenly holisitc facials and treatments, check out my post under Beauty
  • Balancing Energy- they have it all: yoga, guided meditation, IR sauna
  • Mohler Recovery- float therapy, cryo and ozone therapy. I went in for the ozone therapy and had the best experience. I sat in their massage chair first and then sweat it all out in the little ozone pod while I watched Netflix

Let me know what else I mistakenly forgot!