Tried and Tested: Gluten-Free Beers

Tried and Tested: Gluten-Free Beers

With Memorial weekend coming up and pool season/lake season/beach season I figured now is the perfect time to try and find a gluten-free beer. Some hot days a beer just sounds good, and it may be too early for a cocktail and it is a commitment to keep wine and champs cool in the heat. But, I’m also not trying to walk around with bloated gluten belly. So this is the place where gut health and fun can live!

I coerced my fiance and family to help with the taste test and we all have experienced pallets, so we are incredibly trustworthy for this task.

To make this as realistic as possible I didn’t go around to different spots and collect beers I saw, because how would that be helpful? No one shops that way. I picked one spot, Central Market. They had a pretty good selection, comparable to Whole Foods. I also called Specs and the guy on the phone said they have a decent selection. I’ll go there next time and let you all know, because that is how dedicated and giving I really am.

Okay below are the five beers with tried (I didn’t do any ciders to stay in the beer taste family) and our commentary with the clear winner to follow.


Number 1: Omission Brewing Co. Lager

This was the closest to drinking like a Michelob Ultra, but with more taste.

Here’s everyone’s notes: light/easy drinking/citrus, refreshing, yummy, tastes like a Blue Moon, light/crisp, light and citrus.

All in all, everyone was into it!

Number 2: New Belgium Glutiny Pale Ale

The Glutiny had a masculine profile, hoppy.

Notes: hop till ya drop, spicier/bitter/feels heavy, sharp on the tongue, bitter, cool/hoppy.

Not the best, not the worst.

Number 3: Discovery Draft Mead

So, technically we learned this is a mead, which is a honey wine. The can was quite deceiving or maybe I should have known what mead was? So, this is not beer and all the notes prove it was not a fav. We have 3 cans left over if anyone is interested!

Notes: kill me, terri-bull, watered down juice, bad-real bad, shit!, Welch’s white grape juice.

Obvious crowd favorite.

Number 4: Omission IPA

The crew overall felt mixed about this one. I could have given them pool water and they would have liked it better than number 3!

Notes: drinkable/hoppy/fun tatse, hoppy, okay/could drink half, light and hoppy, hopp-scotch, hoppy but drinkable.

Number 5: Damm Daura

This beer is from Barcelona and their logo actually comes from the breakage
of the molecular chain of gluten, cute!

Notes: easy/little hop/smooth drinking, yummy/light, not a fan, like it not love it, good/could drink at the pool.

The winner: Omission Lager- by a land slide. Omission might be the easiest one to find too; they have a pretty well known name in the gluten-free beer space. They have four different styles: lager, ultimate light (my next try), IPA, and a pale ale.

So, there you have it! Protect your gut and have a beer! What will they think of next?