DWD Self-Love Menu

Have you been in one of those emotional places or you’re spiraling a bit and you thought I need a freaking mood change/a vibrational pick me up! Something to snatch me back.

I use to, until recently, find every possible distraction for any emotion that was having an effect on me. I could not sit in an emotion and let my own mind be free. I didn’t want to take myself down a rabbit hole of feelings. That’s painful; lets avoid it.

But, the saying “nothing worth having, comes easy;” it applies here. I had to love myself through my F ups. And that is the real definition of self-love.

The best option on this menu is to feel your way through it.

There is so much magic in honesty.

And then you’re free.

New energy needs room to come in.

I was inspired to make this self-love menu from Amber Lee, The Chakra Girl (she has an amazing podcast). They are hybrids of pausing in your emotions + raising the vibe. You can cook//try new recipes (without the TV on) and be able to communicate within yourself. You can sit at Drybar and do your best thinking. And bonus it feels so good when someone else drys your hair for you, right? (Bonus, good hair for like a week #teamdryshampoo)

I put together 3 levels of self care into a ready to go menu. Are you just chilling at a casual code white or you’re at code red and this shit needs attention?

A gal has to have options. Here they are: DWD Self Love Menu

I hope this keeps you living your most intentional self-loving life. Because we all deserve a damn good one.

xx, Kalain


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