Prepping & Packing For A Frip (Fun Trip!)

Prepping & Packing For A Frip (Fun Trip!)

This weekend I’m headed south to Austin for one of my best friends’ bachelorette party! This will also be one of the few times a year we get to see the beautiful bride because she now lives in New Zealand; she’s our little kiwi. Plus all of our best friends live in different US cities now too, so it’s extra special! Extra special = let’s party!

In the 80/20 lifestyle, this weekend will be the 20- late nights, tequila//wine, fun dinners and brunches. I want to share how I’ll try to bio-hack my way out of a hangover, drink organic, and nourish my body so I feel great all weekend. No one likes the sloth friend.

I also detailed a few clean beauty preps and how I’ll use my tricks through out the weekend.

Side note: I have to share Camille and Mark’s story because it’s so damn good about following your heart and taking a chance. Choosing love. We all went to Mexico for a girls trip and while laying out on the beach we started talking to a group of three guys by us (obviously cute and normal, not sketchy lol). And after several group tequila shots and Coronas we were long lost best friends and had the time of our lives all week. Fast forward a bit, Mark and Camille kept in touch and fell in love. Oh I should also mention Mark lives in New Zealand and the time difference is 17 hours! From the time they met in Mexico you could tell they were taken with each other. And after 8 months Camille threw caution to the wind and moved to Auckland! She left a hometown she was raised in, a successful job, her family, her friends and choose the love of her life! It doesn’t hurt that Mark is an attractive, tall man with an accent and his own company. 🙂 It’s so inspiring that she just went for it! It’s stories like these that remind us to just bet it all on love. Put all your chips on that one person. What’s the worst that could happen? That chapter ends and you start a new one? A reminder to choose love over fear.

I’ll start with what I’m packing and my beauty prep then I’ll go into how I plan on using it all.


  • My daily supplements: Daily Cleanse by Hum, Rhodiola rosea, Hum’s Uber Energy, Hum’s Wing Man, Hum’s Hair Sweet Hair
  • Glow by Beauty Chef for pro and prebiotics
  • Protein powder: can use at breakfast or snack + bring shaker, helps fight cravings//over eating
  • Protein bars for breakfast if needed or in the car as a snack
  • NAC capsules- it prevents the conversion of alcohol to aldehyde and aldehyde is the primary cause of hangovers// 1 before your first drink, 1 after drinking, 1 in the morning
  • Charcoal capsules- 1 per drink at the end of the night
  • Clean electrolyte packets for water + 4 SmartWaters, one for each morning and night
  • Runa or Bullet Proof coffee- a clean energy drink to pick up the pace after a late night
  • Chlorophyll dropper- liver detoxing, improves digestion, good for skin
  • Selenite wand to sleep and to ground
  • Organic alcohol- drink better, feel better
  • Facial cups- cup away the bloat and swelling
  • Offer and bring a homemade dip/dessert/Siete tortilla chips/Simple Mills gluten-free crackers


  1. Working out: As a cult-like follower of Kelly LeVeque//Be Well by Kelly, I’m trying to follow her advice to do lengthening workouts closer to the trip, like yoga and Pilates
  2. Activated charcoal teeth brushing for a big picture taking weekend
  3. Organic spray tan
  4. Non-toxic eye gels from Honest Hazel
  5. Tinkle- if ya know ya know

My Master Plan


  1. Wake up and have big nutritious smoothie with a lot of greens and healthy fats and fiber
  2. Water and hydrating veggies for the car ride
  3. Water + electrolytes + 1 NAC
  4. Happy Hour cocktail// organic tequila, Topo Chico, lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice topper
  5. Eat, drink, party!
  6. 1 NAC + charcoal pills + water


  1. Water + electrolytes + 1 NAC
  2. Take normal supplements
  3. Protein shake or protein bar for breakfast
  4. Cup face- push away all the bloat and puffiness
  5. Runa or Bullet Proof coffee for energy
  6. Boat time baby! Bring organic tequila and maybe an organic wine. I’m not really feeling beer lately, but if I did, I do go gluten free or Michelob Ultra
  7. Mexican themed dinner catered in! (Their wedding is in Cabo!) Here is where you can bring out anything you were able to make and bring from home. A good dip, a refined sugar free dessert, grain free/corn free tortilla chips, Paleo crackers!
  8. Partyyy!
  9. 1 NAC + charcoal pills + water


Repeat Saturday morning!

My mantra is have all the fun, you can detox it away next week + be prepared and you’ll feel your best all weekend long!

Have fun!

xx, Kalain




My Journey Into Crystals

My Journey Into Crystals

I’m talking a veryyyy beginners journey into crystals. I started learning about healing crystals maybe 6 months ago and I’m just now using and benefiting from them in daily life. So, when you get started, if it doesn’t click right away; you’re in good company!

Okay, crystals are the most “woo woo” Now Age-y thing I struck an interest in. And it definitely required a leap of faith! Astrology I could so easily wrap my head around (the moon effects the tides, easy!) So, this is a bit of a skeptics guide at first.

How the F is a pretty rock seriously going to help me?

Here’s how I came to understand from a favorite book of mine Material Girl, Mystical World: Unlike rocks, crystals’ atomic particles form perfect symmetrical shapes, which is key to their healing properties. Also, like plants they only stop growing once they’ve been cut out of the earth, so perhaps not so inanimate?

And now we get a little geeky. We look to the law of entrainment, which is a physics law discovered in 1665. The basic, universal principal behind entrainment is that any two vibrating bodies will entrain (synchronize) if exposed to each other long enough. So the more you connect with your crystals the more you can synchronize your energy with the high vibration energy of the crystal. Class dismissed!

Okay so now that you know how they work, now can come the fun stuff!

How do I know what crystal to start with?

I’m sure there are tons of different good answers, but the answer I love and have heard the most is to let the crystal find you. Go to your local crystal store and see what attracts you. Perhaps it’s the universe helping you see what you need. You can also go to and take their quiz.

Also, the different crystals hold different healing vibrations. For example, rose quartz is all about love. Use rose quartz to help call in self-love and the love for others; pyrite is the perfect “get it done” crystal to call in wealth and abundance; and clear quartz is your best friend when it comes to manifesting and amplifying. So, you can choose a crystal based on a need you have.

Crystals in the wild.

Now comes the time to become besties with your crystals. They want to work for you. but you have to work too. So, first thing is you give them a job/program your crystal:

  • 1. Cleanse your crystal to start from new. Other people may have touched it and you want it so fresh and so clean clean. There are so many ways to cleanse your crystal; Energy Muse is the most amazing source. I either cleanse it through the smoke of Palo Santo which seems like the simplest/quickest way or I’ll sit them outside in the sun or under a full moon.
  • 2. Program that baby. I start by meditation and come into that safe space of light; that high vibrational place where you can connect with God, your angels, your higher self, whatever serves your spirituality. Then tell your crystal what you need it to do.
  • 3. Say thank you. Thank the universe; you now have this amazing tool at your finger tips.

When you find yourself not tapped into your intentions that give you that high vibration life, your crystals are there programmed to bring you back to your best self.

How I started:

I started with pyrite, clear quartz, rose quartz and selenite. I first set my pyrite to bring abundance to my work life and to go out of my comfort zone. I use clear quartz to amplify my energy; I like to take these on trips with me and I put one in each pocket some days. Rose quartz I programmed to help me call in a gentle type of love for my fiance and our daughter, a love that sees the best. And my selenite wands are my everything! I run it down my body or hold them in my hands and I promise you it is an instant chill. I also sleep with a wand and it’s the best sleep.

What do you do with them daily?

I take them with me and tuck them somewhere on my outfit. I meditate with them. I sleep with them. There are so many rituals you can do to bring in all different energies. This is where you get to customize and make it your own. I use mine as a big constant reminder and to “keep me honest” with my intentions/goals and to keep manifesting, and aspire to be the best version of me I know. And when I’m human and I’m not so great, I can reel it back in.

You can always cleanse your crystals and recharge them with a new intention or job.

Energy Muse is such a good source for reading about crystals and their meanings and rituals. I have their book as well and it’s so grounding and inspirational.

I’d love to know what your crystal rituals are! Give me all the details!

xx, Kalain

I Need a Ritual!

I Need a Ritual!

Does every need for change feel like it comes from a cluster f**k?

Recently I was taking inventory of how I start and end my day and it was everything but poetic. Mornings were sleepy and frazzled with a lack of organization- ugh what a horrible way to set-up your day.

Night time wasn’t much better.  It was basically watch Netflix until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So, I decided I needed a change and to take back the beginnings and endings to my days because there is so much value and treasure in those moments.

I did a revamp and so far it makes me so much more grounded in my day and soothed at night. Almost like I’ve got something figured out, lol.


  • I started waking up earlier 6-6:15 AM. I am the WORST morning person. I’m not chatty and I really like to be alone, such a treat for my fiance! But when I wake up earlier I have a relaxed amount of time to get what I want and need done with no anxiety.
  • I get a huge glass of room temperature water (better for digestion) and mix in my Glow powder from The Beauty Chef (it’s my fave!) with a pinch of salt which you body likes and needs, it’s a good mineral. If I have a lemon already cut I’ll add a squeeze, but I’m not trying to exude too much effort; I just woke up! I use to start with coffee as the first thing I drank in the morning, but I clued in. Our bodies have fasted without food and water for 8 hours while we were sleeping. So I  start with water to hydrate and to rev up digestion. Coffee is probably the worst because it’s so dehydrating.
  • I get back in bed and meditate. I know it’s not proper meditation form, but I like to make things my own, laying down feels good, so I get comfy. I love meditating in the morning. I use the app Insight Timer and there are tens of thousands of options and you can break is out by category or amount of time. It rocks!
  • I listen to a podcast while I get ready and get motivated or laugh. There are so many that I love so this is a perfect time to squeeze in listening and I can get to all my faves.
  • I head downstairs and make sure I’ve packed up my supplements I want for the day and grab breakfast and of course coffee on the road. I live for cold brew and very specifically Chameleon Cold Brew. It’s bad; if I run out I’m definitely making a special stop to Whole Foods for it or my morning just feels off.


  • We like to be in bed pretty early. It’s normal we’re in bed by 9:30. Which I enjoy now so that I have enough time to unwind.
  • CBD oil! I didn’t know how much I would love my CBD oil. I thought okay there is no way an oil can destress you like that! But it does, woohoo! I put a few drops under my tongue at night and it’s quite nice. I got mine in San Francisco, it does have an 18:1 THC. So, try to get yourself to California.
  • Palo Santo spray! I just started using this more at night; before I was cleansing more during the day. It’s an energy clearing mist. I like it because no matter what happened throughout my day I can go to sleep and start over again cleansed and fresh.
  • I got an essential oil diffuser for my night stand and I love it. I use lavender and its dreamy.
  • I meditate again. I really like using headphones so I can more so take myself out of my body. I like hearing what my higher self or my angels really want me to know. 🙂
  • Reading. This really helps me shift off. I am a book hoe. I have to have them all! Then I feel guilty when they don’t get to read fast enough, so this is my favorite time to read.
  • If I had a day, a day! You know what I’m talking about. I watch either Friends, The Office, or Parks and Rec. Always just those three, humor only. And I let myself watch two episodes and I’m done. I keep it light and these kinds of days its all I need.
  • Some nights I turn on ocean wave sounds on Insight Timer and help myself drift off to sleep.

Things I want to add:

  • Journaling- right now I journal at random times and I feel like it should be more concrete.
  • Rolling out- As a big Goop follower I am here for the rolling workouts. I read if you add 10 minutes a day you can roll away fat and bloat.

I am dying to know what your rituals are. I need them all! I love a good ritual.

xx, Kalain