The Best Holistic Facial in Town

The Best Holistic Facial in Town

I had been searching for a holistic spa in Dallas and wasn’t having a lot of luck finding what I was looking for. And then the universe graciously gave the best gift, Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary!

Wendi, the amazing gal of Misaotra, could not be more of a delight! First, her room is Pintrest come to life; relaxing colors, cozy throw, natural light, crystals, plants, warm tea. You sort of forget you’re in Dallas. And I was on cloud 9 when I walked out. I thought I was a fresh faced goddess walking the mortal streets.

I had recently been having some skin flair ups. It got to the point where I was disguising myself to run into Ulta for products (too embarrassed for Sephora and 90% sure I saw someone I knew and straight up dodged them) to making an emergency appointment at the dermatologist for draining (hope you’re not eating) and a cortisone shot. I really did not want to go on any medication for this, but my ego couldn’t take it any more.

I saw Wendi for the One Hour Skin Ritual facial and it was such a treat. First I did a foot bath and drank tea as Wendi and I talked about my skin, the products I was using, my birth control and my goals. I learned so much. She is a wealth of information on products, ingredients, how they effect your skin and how it all comes back to plants.

The facial was heavenly. Wendi uses crystals to begin her treatments. The products she used were all plant based by the company Laurel and they felt and smelled amazing. She lathered on different exfoliates, and  masks, and elixers. While those sit she treats you to a relaxing foot, hand/arm, neck/scalp massage. She incorporates holistic instruments like a jade roller, whatever she sees that your skin needs.

I came in with a blemish that I had of course tried to mess with because you know how that always makes them better. Wendi used the Laurel Blemish Treatment on it and toward the end she told me it was about 50% better. Me being a plant-based skin care virgin, I was shocked.

I bought into the plant beauty lifestyle and left with the combination skin cleanser. It is love! I’ve gone weeks without a blemish and I’m somewhat pessimistically waiting for something to surface. Instead, its been so refreshing to like my skin again. This really jump started my switch to clean beauty and I’m so grateful.

So, now I’m looking for any excuse to go back to Misaotra- maybe a Mother’s Day present (hint hint Brian) or that very popular ‘you have a 3 year old’ present, or that old/historical ‘treat yourself’ holiday that I think is coming up?

xx, Kalain

Photo courtesy of Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary Instagram

Tried and Tested: True Roots Cookbook By Kristin Cavallari

Tried and Tested: True Roots Cookbook By Kristin Cavallari

I didn’t think I could do this to my girl Ina, but here it is, True Roots is my new go to cookbook! I had anxiety about what I wanted to make and share with y’all because I wanted to make everything! I haven’t found a cookbook where I would make 99% of the recipes until Kristin Cavallari’s new cookbook came out and not because I was Team Kristin. Her recipes are all gluten-free, dairy-free (she does use sheep and goat milk just FYI), and refined sugar free. Oh and the 1% is the Apple and Fennel Salad only because I hate fennel.

The recipes are inviting; they aren’t overly complicated. There are a few specialty ingredients you’ll need to get from Natural Grocers or Amazon, but that’s easy. What I love is that every recipe I made was packed with flavor and was made with ingredients that help you, not hurt you. It’s win win.

Say you’re trying to eat mindfully and cleaner these days but you’re a little bummed because you always loved Lay’s Onion Dip or apple pie or French fries or stuffed jalapeños at a football party. You now have a clean version. She took those things like fried green beans and changed it up with good ingredients and preparation. Here we go! Continue reading “Tried and Tested: True Roots Cookbook By Kristin Cavallari”

My First and Not Last Colonic

My First and Not Last Colonic

So, we’re getting a little personal.

Why are we talking colonics? I recently became interested in gut health, digestive health, and how clean our bodies are on the inside. I wanted the toxins out and this was my first project. The colon cleanse has been used throughout history to improve the body’s natural detoxification processes, restore digestive health and improve someone’s overall quality of life. A well functioning colon is so important for your mind and body. I didn’t realize, until some research, that the colon plays a part in hormonal balance, appetite control, sleep and mental processing.

How I Got Here

I had started following Nicole Berrie of Bonberi and she is a wealth of all things wellness from food combining to colonics. She lead my curiosity to Gil Jacobs who is the expert (apparently he’s given himself 1000 colonics!). His philosophies and teachings led me to the world of colonics.

Bad food sticks in the body. Pollution and drugs stick in your liver. As we collect over time, our effectiveness, our fabulousness, our looks, and our niceness all get detracted by the retention of all this matter.

Gil Jacobs, Well + Good

I also read that colonics have helped with skin conditions and food cravings, so I was an easy sell. I’ll circle back to the food cravings at the end because it definitely helped me. Continue reading “My First and Not Last Colonic”

Power to the Supplements

Power to the Supplements

Instead of spring cleaning I’m a big fan of new year cleaning. So, this January I reorganized our entire kitchen area; the pantry, the refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, all sponsored by my trips to The Container Store. And this year I added a supplement cabinet! The shelf right above the wine and champagne glasses.

Supplements to me are the easiest good thing you can do for your body. Throw them in a smoothie, thrown them in a breakfast parfait, thrown them in some night time tea, just throw them back, what have you! For the most part you can pick however is most convenient. And convenience is key.

Continue reading “Power to the Supplements”