My Journey Into Crystals

My Journey Into Crystals

I’m talking a veryyyy beginners journey into crystals. I started learning about healing crystals maybe 6 months ago and I’m just now using and benefiting from them in daily life. So, when you get started, if it doesn’t click right away; you’re in good company!

Okay, crystals are the most “woo woo” Now Age-y thing I struck an interest in. And it definitely required a leap of faith! Astrology I could so easily wrap my head around (the moon effects the tides, easy!) So, this is a bit of a skeptics guide at first.

How the F is a pretty rock seriously going to help me?

Here’s how I came to understand from a favorite book of mine Material Girl, Mystical World: Unlike rocks, crystals’ atomic particles form perfect symmetrical shapes, which is key to their healing properties. Also, like plants they only stop growing once they’ve been cut out of the earth, so perhaps not so inanimate?

And now we get a little geeky. We look to the law of entrainment, which is a physics law discovered in 1665. The basic, universal principal behind entrainment is that any two vibrating bodies will entrain (synchronize) if exposed to each other long enough. So the more you connect with your crystals the more you can synchronize your energy with the high vibration energy of the crystal. Class dismissed!

Okay so now that you know how they work, now can come the fun stuff!

How do I know what crystal to start with?

I’m sure there are tons of different good answers, but the answer I love and have heard the most is to let the crystal find you. Go to your local crystal store and see what attracts you. Perhaps it’s the universe helping you see what you need. You can also go to and take their quiz.

Also, the different crystals hold different healing vibrations. For example, rose quartz is all about love. Use rose quartz to help call in self-love and the love for others; pyrite is the perfect “get it done” crystal to call in wealth and abundance; and clear quartz is your best friend when it comes to manifesting and amplifying. So, you can choose a crystal based on a need you have.

Crystals in the wild.

Now comes the time to become besties with your crystals. They want to work for you. but you have to work too. So, first thing is you give them a job/program your crystal:

  • 1. Cleanse your crystal to start from new. Other people may have touched it and you want it so fresh and so clean clean. There are so many ways to cleanse your crystal; Energy Muse is the most amazing source. I either cleanse it through the smoke of Palo Santo which seems like the simplest/quickest way or I’ll sit them outside in the sun or under a full moon.
  • 2. Program that baby. I start by meditation and come into that safe space of light; that high vibrational place where you can connect with God, your angels, your higher self, whatever serves your spirituality. Then tell your crystal what you need it to do.
  • 3. Say thank you. Thank the universe; you now have this amazing tool at your finger tips.

When you find yourself not tapped into your intentions that give you that high vibration life, your crystals are there programmed to bring you back to your best self.

How I started:

I started with pyrite, clear quartz, rose quartz and selenite. I first set my pyrite to bring abundance to my work life and to go out of my comfort zone. I use clear quartz to amplify my energy; I like to take these on trips with me and I put one in each pocket some days. Rose quartz I programmed to help me call in a gentle type of love for my fiance and our daughter, a love that sees the best. And my selenite wands are my everything! I run it down my body or hold them in my hands and I promise you it is an instant chill. I also sleep with a wand and it’s the best sleep.

What do you do with them daily?

I take them with me and tuck them somewhere on my outfit. I meditate with them. I sleep with them. There are so many rituals you can do to bring in all different energies. This is where you get to customize and make it your own. I use mine as a big constant reminder and to “keep me honest” with my intentions/goals and to keep manifesting, and aspire to be the best version of me I know. And when I’m human and I’m not so great, I can reel it back in.

You can always cleanse your crystals and recharge them with a new intention or job.

Energy Muse is such a good source for reading about crystals and their meanings and rituals. I have their book as well and it’s so grounding and inspirational.

I’d love to know what your crystal rituals are! Give me all the details!

xx, Kalain

New Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals

Do you hear the word astrology and automatically think back to horoscopes in Teen Vogue and remember how you applied it to you and a guy you liked; oh the good old days.

I started getting into the real side of astrology when I started Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington (I definitely recommend) and I was fascinated because here you have all of this intel from the planets and moon to help you with your current or upcoming energy and flow. You’re probably thinking this is a little too woo woo for me. A true story: last mercury retrograde I read that I should do more listening and focus on hearing others; I didn’t listen, flat out did the opposite and ended up in a tiff with my fiancé. Oops (sorry universe and Brian). It’s nice to have this information in your back pocket. And even nicer to use it!

So, with the new moon coming on May 15th a new moon ritual is a simple//noncommittal dip in the water. An aperitif on how planning with the planets can be very balancing.

Why the new moon?

The new moon represents new beginnings. This is the perfect time to make an intention/wish/vow/goal. It’s believed that as the new moon grows so will your intention. The new moon also has the energy of a fresh start; rid yourself of any negativity keeping you back.

This May new moon will be even more significant because Uranus will move from Aries into Taurus.

The New Moon in Taurus will be offering a very stable and rewarding energy that is going to help us maximize all that we have been working on throughout the year, particularly professionally. If you have been feeling lost in your career, or unsure of how to turn your passion into profits, this is going to be a great time to put plans into action. – Forever Conscious

Forever Conscious is an amazing source. You can try their intention practice or help it to inspire your own version: think about what your career path may look and feel like. Perhaps even consider writing down what you want your ideal day to feel like, and then work on bringing those feelings into your daily routine one by one. This simple exercise is likely to help you get things moving and will help you to shift your vibration.

Uranus to Taurus

This shift will give us new insights on security and stability. You might analyze the ways you seek comfort. Uranus being in Taurus could be about letting go of the security blanket and taking a bit of a risk, learning to trust yourself more. Uranus is all about freedom and change.

Here are a few things I’ll do leading up to the new moon:

  • Intention set in my journal and focus on career as well as other promises
  • Palo Santo our space for cleansing
  • Use pyrite– it’s the ultimate symbol of wealth and good luck and a great crystal to help your intentions
  • Create a daily mantra I can carry throughout this phase
  • Take a bath to cleanse for a new beginning

Happy New Moon!

xx, Kalain