Hi! Thank you so much for coming to Dallas Wellness Diary. I’m Kalain! (pronounced kal-in, never fails, it’s always butchered). I live in Dallas with my fiancé Brian and our daughter Beckett. I grew up in Northern California and moved to Texas during middle school. This is my hobby//interest//merriment; I work full-time in sales at a family company in the manufacturing industry.

I’m so excited to go on this journey with you all. Thank you so much for taking any amount of interest in this project of mine. I am no expert, more of a human guinea pig. Everything wellness//holistic living//spirituality is becoming more of a way of life than a trend. Through my own trials, we can learn together and create the path to our very best selves. I hope this information will be useful//easy//local to Dallas and the convenience will be here for the taking. Read my Welcome to Dallas Wellness Diary post and see more on how I got here!

Fun Fast Facts

Binge-worthy on Netflix: Friends, The Office, Parks and Recs…all three on a rotation

Mood music: Sam Smith, Joss Stone, Aretha Franklin, James Morrison, all motown

Favorite Dallas restaurant: I can’t pick one- R&D, Tei Tei, Oishii, Shinsei, (sushi theme) Pok, Flower Child, Ascension, ugh I’m forgetting a lot, but you can mostly find us at R&D

Favorite workout: right now I’m liking Barry’s, I love to spin- we have a Peleton, but I do miss the energy of being in a class, Pilates, trying to get better at/like more yoga

Favorite Real Housewives city: New York always

Dream vacation: I love the BVIs- Nevis is amazing!

Go-to meal at home: lentil pasta a la the Chrissy Teigen cacio e pepe

Tell me about you or drop me a question! You can always email me at dallaswellnessdiary@gmail.com!