Welcome to Dallas Wellness Diary!

Ahh I was/am so nervous to share this! I’m beyond thrilled you made it this far. I hate to use the word blog and so in the beginning I referred to this idea as a passion project. Still not sure which is worse. Toward the end of 2017 I started getting really into learning all about wellness//spirituality//holistic living. I started reading the books and listening to the podcasts and I was hooked; my Amazon account took a big hit. But it was the first time I really wanted to study something.

And I think part of me was craving this. I think I lost myself a bit in the hustle of life and keeping up with myself and certain milestones I thought I should be checking off . So, this is the beginning of me taking my life back and learning and using any and all of the “now age” tools to get there. So, without titling this How Kalain Got Her Groove Back or begging you to divulge into a therapy session, I’ll wrap this up and take you to the shitiest time in my life.

It all started with a colonic. I was down the rabbit hole of Yelp and the Google trying to find a nice, normal place to get a colonic and it was way too hard (colon humor). I couldn’t find anyone talking about it online and realized maybe there’s a gap to fill for this kind of wellness knowledge and convenience in Dallas. There’s no lack of gyms or studios or Whole30 blogs, but perhaps not enough in the mind, body, spirit space.

So, while I go through this new adventure I’ll be sharing//journaling what I do, try, and experience on Dallas Wellness Diary. My hope is that through colonics, crystals, astrology, gut health, meditation, food combining, biohacking, face mapping, and everything else; I can create a gorgeous//mindful life, and the information and convenience are here for the taking. I need (or think I need, the universe is funny that way) an energy that merges drinking red wine, beefing about materialistic things, throwing crystals in the handbag and reading labels, all while discovering something deeply meaningful.

Cheers to us!

xx, Kalain