My First and Not Last Colonic

So, we’re getting a little personal.

Why are we talking colonics? I recently became interested in gut health, digestive health, and how clean our bodies are on the inside. I wanted the toxins out and this was my first project. The colon cleanse has been used throughout history to improve the body’s natural detoxification processes, restore digestive health and improve someone’s overall quality of life. A well functioning colon is so important for your mind and body. I didn’t realize, until some research, that the colon plays a part in hormonal balance, appetite control, sleep and mental processing.

How I Got Here

I had started following Nicole Berrie of Bonberi and she is a wealth of all things wellness from food combining to colonics. She lead my curiosity to Gil Jacobs who is the expert (apparently he’s given himself 1000 colonics!). His philosophies and teachings led me to the world of colonics.

Bad food sticks in the body. Pollution and drugs stick in your liver. As we collect over time, our effectiveness, our fabulousness, our looks, and our niceness all get detracted by the retention of all this matter.

Gil Jacobs, Well + Good

I also read that colonics have helped with skin conditions and food cravings, so I was an easy sell. I’ll circle back to the food cravings at the end because it definitely helped me.


I found it’s a good idea to cleanse a few days before. I emphasize this because I didn’t really consider this and had two glasses of wine the night before with some girlfriends. Balance? The second time around I ate clean three days before and day of. Tip #1: schedule your colonic for a Wednesday. This way you can cleanse from Sunday to Wednesday and then after Wednesday cleanse another 48 hours and then its Friday night!

I went to Dallas Colon Care Center and they use open system LIBBEs, which are basically loungers like you would see at the gyno. The difference in open and closed is with open you use your own body to release the water/waste through the tube and basin; your therapist will help make you comfortable and then give you privacy. With closed the therapist administers the filling and releasing and can analyze any colon issues with you.

Cleanliness: 10

Atmosphere/Mood: 6 (its like your run of the mill doctors office set up, furniture from Hobby Lobby look, not a trip to the spa)

Helpfulness/Friendliness: 9


Your therapist will explain the LIBBE and the process. They leave, you undress from the waist down, get up on the lounger and your job is to get ready i.e lube your tube (the size of a normal pen) and you get to insert it yourself, which I prefer for the privacy. You drape yourself and push a button for your therapist to come back in. They’ll start the water flow and that’s home from the next 45 minutes, filling and releasing. They have TVs with Netflix which is very helpful and my second colonic I watched a movie on my iPad. Tip #2: I get so thirsty half way through; next time I want to ask about hydrating during the process, but you also can’t get up so I don’t know if that would work.

How does it feel? It feels slightly uncomfortable when the release is coming up but nothing too bad; like an urgent pressure. I get antsy toward the end, so a distraction is helpful. The one thing that I wasn’t sure I was ready for is that you can watch what you eliminate. Yes, you see how successful you are. Don’t judge yet; it becomes oddly satisfying to know all the work your body is doing for you. My second date with the LIBBE was more successful than the first- a good reason to keep dating.


The first time I felt very mild flu like symptoms, but the second was much different, almost a clean high feeling. The first post colonic your body isn’t use to stirring up toxins. After I got home I felt lethargic, tired, like I had to get in bed ASAP. So, I had some vegetable soup, went to bed and I was 100% the next day. The second time I felt so good; I felt light and clear; I was a little blown away.


Back to the food cravings. I hadn’t fully noticed the effect until I read an interview on Bonberi with CAP Beauty co-founder Cindy DiPrima. She said once she added colonics into her routine one of the first effects she noticed was her cravings for junk food disappeared. She use to have a sweet tooth and now is free from the daily pull of sugar. I was a bit suspect because sugar is my kryptonite, but so far I’ve been able to avoid it when I want to. I even turned down Del Frisco’s butter cake.

If you’re looking for a very informative article on colon cleansing, check out this one by Dr. Axe. It’s very detailed on why to cleanse your colon, if you would be a good candidate (I think everyone is), and the different kinds of colon cleanses.

Next on the agenda I’m going to add at home coffee enemas to fill in for the months I’m not going in for a colonic and I’ll let you know how that goes too.

I would love to answer any questions! And if you have another colonic center in Dallas you love please let me know.

xx, Kalain


*I’m not a doctor; please use your own discretion on deciding if this is right for you.

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